Welcome to the first TMP Interiors eNewsletter – Our aim is to update you on our thoughts and news from all thins TMP

Part of this will include updates and from our latest Blog where we try to look at things that are on our mind regarding our love for the wider construction industry.

We will also showcase some of our latest contract deliveries, you’ll be able to read more in our new Case Study section on our website.

The most important thing is that you gain a flavour and understanding of what TMP Interiors is all about.


Well, the most exciting news for all of us at TMP Interiors as we start 2023 is that we grew our business yet again in 2022. This is naturally set against a challenging year in 2022, where many organisations have seen a more difficult period – We believe our approach to clients and our focus on people and quality have really made a difference and we are so excited for what 2023 will bring. But firstly, we must thank all our amazing customers, clients, and suppliers without whom we could not have achieved these amazing results. Thank you.


Budget Blues TMP Interiors

So, as we all sat in trepidation of the news from the Chancellor at the Autumn Budget statement in late 2022, we collectively held our breath on what it would mean for us both professionally and personally.

From a business perspective, it was a challenging outlook – Though the Office for Budget Responsibility does agree with the consensus that the recovery in the UK market will begin in the early Summer of 2023. So tough times ahead, though as a business TMP Interiors prides itself on having already taken steps to ensure we are well-placed to work through the possible implications within the industry. We already have seen some really strong business wins, so perhaps our expectations and resilience in planning ahead and focusing on quality across all our delivery areas are already proving well-placed.

There are, however, a few consolations in the package from the UK Government – Most importantly infrastructure spending through 2023 and beyond – so important in driving future growth in the UK economy, will not be cut. So positive news.

Jodie Janes


In late 2022 we were delighted to warmly welcome Jodie Janes to TMP. A super exciting addition to the TMP team. Jodie joined us as a Quantity Surveyor, bringing a wealth of experience to this challenging role.

As a growing organisation, TMP recognises the skill, expertise, and benefits that this role will bring not only to TMP, but also to all of our clients – Continuing to deliver first-class quality and delivery across our expanding business.


We’d also like to introduce our wonderful puppy Bucky to the TMP Team – Over the coming months we’ll show you just what he’s been up to, but rest assured he’s already got us well trained and we all certainly know who’s the boss…despite not yet being 6 months old!!!


As we listen to the feedback from COP27 we have been actively looking to play our part in ensuring wherever possible we deliver sustainable solutions. Sometimes this is hard, as we are reliant on the scope of work from our client partners – But we are determined to introduce processes that make a difference, however small. Our latest process has been the introduction of movement-controlled lighting to ensure areas within our offices have light when actively being used.

An interesting fact we have recently seen is that some 80% of office buildings which exist today will still be in-use in 2050, and many real estate owners are already looking at their buildings to develop future-fit strategies. These are especially focussed on how they can adapt spaces to better suit the changing dynamics of today’s workforce post Covid, and how they can adopt a program of net zero carbon (NZC) interventions to ensure their assets are positioned for the future. TMP Interiors is excited to work with clients to help them achieve these challenging expectations.


TMP Interiors were appointed by Edmont Ltd, a client who recognised the value of working with TMP Interiors. We were contracted to install a Hunter Douglas ceiling to the main shop area as well as install plasterboard ceilings and bulkheads to surrounding ceilings. Our aim was to provide a seamless approach to the project, working closely with the client to ensure that the project reflected their exacting standards. The final results were very impressive, and again were very much a reflection of the client’s business, values, and further investment into its vision for its customers.


With the implications of war in Ukraine and the effects on material costs and supply chains, we have all seen the lead time for materials increase as well as pricing move upwards to the detriment of all in the construction industry..

So, what other changes have we seen?

Well, some interesting reports recently In the UK the Office for National Statistics Survey highlights that around 20% of SME businesses had experienced supply chain disruption in recent months. In looking further at this we believe businesses appear to be adopting various strategies to address the challenges of material deliveries and service by aiming to hold more stock – moving from ‘just in time’ to ‘just in case’ inventory management is reflected in strong warehouse demand across the UK. But this change to inventory will take time to filter through operationally. As a company, we have worked hard to create strong relationships that have helped us weather these over the last year and we are incredibly proud of the support of our suppliers that has allowed us to grow our business in 2022, we remain positive that the relationships we have will further assist us to move forward positively as we enter 2023.


TTMP Interiors prides itself on its training & development of its staff to ensure we are leading the way in the construction industry – In our small way we believe putting our faith in this approach will ensure we deliver the quality of staff needed to ensure clients return time and again.

Our latest apprentice Max Hearn was nominated for the Construction Apprenticeship Awards 2022, which were sponsored by British Gypsum Saint-Gobain. Sadly, he didn’t win….but to all of us at TMP Interiors he is a winner! Max was a contender to win Level 2 Construction Apprentice of the Year after a long year of hard work, dedication, and a desire to better himself.

With the full support of TMP Interiors Limited, Max is the future of our business, and we are immensely proud of his achievements.