Project Description


Project: BAPS Birmingham

Project value: £21,000

Duration: 1 week

Project Info

TMP Interiors were appointed by Vascroft Contractors Ltd, who recognised that TMP Interiors could provide a level of experience and expertise that would ensure a smooth delivery of this project to completion.

Vascroft Contractors required TMP Interiors to work alongside them at BAPS Birmingham where they were constructing a one storey building to accommodate a Mandir (Hindu Temple) with an ancillary dining hall, commercial kitchen, meeting rooms, classrooms, and a community hall.

The brief that TMP were provided with was for acoustic panels inside the temple to prevent echo and sound reverberation.

Utilising its knowledge and understanding of the requirements, TMP collaborated with our supply partner Soundsorba to source and install Wallsorba Acoustic panels to the ceilings.

The final project was delivered to budget and provides a pleasingly peaceful environment for prayer.

“TMP Interiors understood exactly what was required to deliver the solution we needed, quickly and effectively. Based on our experience we would highly recommend TMP Interiors.”

Client Feedback